People for Peace: Likiso Irene Lasu Silwa, from fleeing war to building peace, one show at a time

Photo: Likiso Irene Lasu Silwa in the radio Miraya studio, South Sudan, in May 2022. (UN Photo/UNMISS)

Amidst rising violence and insecurity, communities rely on radio for news and stories of hope

The nature of the stories that come in here is marred in brutality, from rape to killings. Recently one such story sent the nation into shock, me included. It was one of a child raped, murdered and whose body was found discarded in a pit latrine. If that is not difficult to report, then I don’t know what is.

Message from Irene on the International Day of UN Peacekeepers

On this International Day of Peacekeepers, let’s shine a light on the unsung heroes who have laid down their lives in lands far from their own in the service of peace. I would like to specifically recognize the efforts of those serving with UNMISS and appreciate all efforts geared towards walking with South Sudan in this pursuit of peace.”



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UN Peacekeeping

UN Peacekeeping

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