In Their Hands: The Power of Partnerships with women leading peace

Maura Ajak is a local woman photographer, freelance reporter, and camerawoman from South Sudan.Her work focusses on human rights issues including the prevention of sexual violence in South Sudan by elevating the voices of youth and people with disabilities, among others.
Hana Haza’a is a professional photographer and civil society activist based in Taiz, Yemen. Most recently, she launched a campaign calling for the reopening of the main road to and from Taiz to lift the siege of the city and advocates on a daily basis for women’s participation in peace and security, humanitarian relief and the role of Taiz youth in the peace process.
As an ex-FARC member and a signatory of the Final peace Agreement in Colombia, Samy serves as an inspiration with her involvement as a communication officer in the Dialogue and Negotiation Commission in Havana that led to her country’s peace agreement.

“These photographers are not only intimately familiar with the conflict and instability in their countries, but also fighting to ensure that the stories are told and their images are seen.”

You can watch the online discussion “Women, Peace, Power: Women Photographers as Peacebuilders” here.



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