A plan for progress: How A4P+ is boosting impact on the ground

Kalemie, Tanganyika, DRC. November 2021 — The Head of MONUSCO, Bintou Keita, on an official visit to Tanganyika, with a delegation from the UN Mission in the DRC. (Photo: Macelliine Comlan)
March 2021 — UNIFIL peacekeepers from El Salvador on a foot patrol along the Blue Line in the vicinity of Halta and the Golan Heights, south Lebanon. (Photo: Pasqual Gorriz)
December 2021 — A peacekeeper from Niger serving with MINUSMA. (Photo: Harandane Dicko)
Bangui (CAR), April 2021 — As part of efforts to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse committed by UN personnel, the MINUSCA Conduct and Discipline Team organized an educational talk for 75 students — including 53 girls aged 15 to 19. (Photo: MINUSCA)
Central African Republic, April 2021 — Twenty-nine year old, Merveille-Noella’s duty as journalist and producer for radio FmGuira is to educate listeners about important issues, especially COVID-19. (Photo: MINUSCA)
February 2022 — Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix meets with the Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, Félix Moloua. (Photo: MINUSCA)
March 2022 — UNMISS marks International Women’s Day in Juba, South Sudan. (Photo: Nektarios Markogiannis)
Peacekeepers of the Rwandan Battle Group in MINUSCA prepare to launch an observation drone to monitor the positions of armed groups.




We help countries navigate the difficult path from conflict to peace.

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UN Peacekeeping

UN Peacekeeping

We help countries navigate the difficult path from conflict to peace.

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